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ACUITY 2015 Annual Report

ACUITY takes their culture with them wherever they go, and the 2015 Annual Report, sent to all their agents nationwide, is a great example. Shipped in a custom-crafted box and shaped like a kite, the 2015 report was packaged with candies and an ACUITY-logoed stunt kite.

After concepting the idea of a kite-shaped printed piece, we considered all of the components that would accompany the annual report. We came up with the idea of a self-contained kit, branded throughout with the kite-theme. Building and refining the die lines early on gave us the opportunity to focus on each component individually so that the logistics of having a kite, a box of candy, the container for the report, and the printing of the report, could be accomplished to hit our targeted deadline.

According to Ben Salzmann, President and CEO, ACUITY Insurance, “When we send out our annual report, the phones ring off the hook with our customers absolutely loving it.” Many of the agents have sent pictures to ACUITY featuring action shots of the ACUITY-logoed stunt kite in flight. With the help of DuFour Advertising, ACUITY’s culture keeps reaching higher and higher!

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